Using color, shape and surface Hollie Heller actually builds her pieces. It is the this physicality the materials that consumes her process.

Hollie Heller is a contemporary Fiber Artists working in large scale installations.

"She thinks of herself as a painter of sorts, but her colors come from small cuts of fabric, vintage papers, spliced images transferred from photographs or books. She is sometimes inspired by quilters, constructing her mosaic scenes on paper or panels. Other times she covers walls with an assemblage of unusual found materials combined with small objects she makes herself. She is an aggregator, building larger works from collections of her smaller pieces."

--Kimberly Jackson, The Star Ledger


Mixed Media Encaustic Class – February 17-21, 2016

Come to Costa Rica and share Hollie Heller’s studio! Use this experience of “art making decadence,” in this this exotic location to rejuvenate and inspire, a place of restoration to generate fresh ideas and offer new approaches to thinking intuitively and making art within a small group of artists. Come with a project in mind or as a blank canvas. Develop your vision and receive input from others that may inspire new directions. Soak in the environment and make art! Group discussions sharing our art making processes and inspirations will promote dynamic creative dialogues that will be integrated into each day.

Hollie’s vast experience with surface design and experimental layering will bring a unique new vocabulary to your artwork. We will begin with producing a variety of patterned and layered papers. Collage, fabric dying techniques, and photo transfer will allow for a full exploration of ideas and materials. Expect to learn basic design concepts (Unity/Variety/Harmony, Rhythm, Pattern and Focal Point) and useful technique for producing high quality finished products.

Shawna will expand on the processes that Hollie has introduced. We will work on multiple panels with each of us sharing a unique contribution. We will continue the idea of making papers for collage, this time using wax paint as a way to stain and draw on the papers. Encaustic has the ability to work as glue for collage and build a thick surface quickly which papers and objects are embedded into. We will expand on the images we have generated and move into more traditional encaustic painting toward the end of the week.