Collage with Objects

My work has always been inspired by objects, discovered, crafted or found in nature. In my most recent projects, i choose to blurr the line between found, fabricated or created objects and images. All the art is is inevitably made up of pieces. These components, bit by bit, are acquired thru a sea-change-detail8.jpgkind of personal osmosis. They inform each other and affect their placement or juxtaposition within each work.  My process of making art is fluid, and relational. Many of my components are created in the studio to simulate familiar objects. For example when constructing pieces for my installation Seachange I used latex, colored, manipulated and torn to resemble jelly fish shells, or other sea life. This in combination with shells and twigs found on the beach make it hard to tell what is natural and what is not.


With a degree in Fiber and a healthy appreciation for craftsmaship, making installations and collages cannot be haphazard, and yet it must be spontaneous.


My collages are effectively drawing with pieces of two dimensional things – photographic images, bits drawing, watercolor and found objects are transferred onto different substrates to give these two dimensional pieces a homogeneous and pleasing surface. The latest works are mounted on vellum, giving them a luminescence.



Much of my inspiration arises out of my fascination with textiles, primitive art, and ethnic designs. This new collection of work combines my interests in mixed media, including photography.

I strive to offer the observer segments of information, but just enough to generate something recognizable that may be half hidden. I have always been interested in creating unique art through the exploration of experimental processes. As a result my studio often takes on the feeling of a laboratory of the unusual.

I continually look to push my work beyond the norm in order to offer the observer a new and unexpected experience. I have often longed to be a painter but that process is too immediate.

My media and overall approach are my way of slowing things down. The need to do so has driven my search for ways to convey the fusion of beautiful color and image relationships with my love of manipulating a variety of materials- always motivated by the desire to feel as though I am actually painting at my own pace.