Dimensional Chroma

Installation Views, Santiago Tomas, NYC

This series began with my interest in using a material that could be formed 3 dimensionally. I have always been familiar with polymer clay that traditionally has been used for jewelry and bead making. I was attracted to the colored clays that are sold in small square packages. Almost like paints the colors are rich, luscious. I found the material to be intriguing and realized that I could actually mix the colors together and create subtle differences. It was possible to mix innumerable combinations of greens, blues etc. The ability to mix the clay together so thoroughly to create dimensional chroma. It was important for the colors to be mixed thoroughly so the out come is pure color. I worked with the new colored clay and found myself intuitively making small flat pancake like forms that I then started making into small pinch pots. As I made more and more of the small cups the cluster of subtle color gradations started to speak to me. The cups are obviously hand made and each one is individual in its shape and form. I am happy that this simple form is relatable and simple in the understanding of the construction method. Fingerprints are evident. As the collection of cups grew I was attracted to the ability to create subtle gradations. My inspiration in the installations that I have created with this media is the idea of landscape moving across the wall leading the eye through the color changes, an undulating organic vision traveling across the wall.


WestEdge Design Fair – Santa Monica CA

WestEdge Design Fair The West Coast’s premier, curated, contemporary design fair taking place October 19-22, 2017 in Santa Monica, California.

hollie heller 2Fabrc Collage

Architectural Design Show March 2017

  4 DAYS. 400 BRANDS. COUNTLESS WAYS TO CELEBRATE DESIGN. A world of design inspiration…



ArtWalk is this Thursday, September 8th! Please join us in celebrating our September, 2016 exhibit,…

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Costa Rican Art Retreat

Mixed Media with Shawna Moore and Hollie Heller January 9-13, 2017 Come to Costa Rica…


Tamarindo Art Wave

Tamarindo Art Wave Festival June 16-18, 2016
70 Artists :: over 40 locations


Destined, Allmost studio

Hollie’s latest installation comes on the heels of her move to LA. Full of light and texture!


New L.A. Studio

Announcing the new studio!

Allmost Studio & Gallery
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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Pursuing Art for Profit Overseas

Hollie was pleased to be part of the cover story on Pursuing Art Overseas for International Living’s Income Abroad: (Feb 2016) featuring artists who successfully transition to new environments and create a thriving practice